Our history 

The history of NG Soccer begins years before the company’s foundation. It really begins in São Carlos, in the interior of São Paulo, with the childhood friendship between Neto Genovez and Fábio Aurélio Rodrigues. In the youth academy of São Paulo Futebol Clube, already in the 1990s, the two of them meet Edu Schimidt and the friendship of the three boys who dreamed of being soccer players continues throughout their careers.

In 2007, after ending his career as a professional athlete, Neto Genovez founds NG Soccer. From the experience on the pitch, an idea: it is possible to go further and do more managing an athlete’s career. Talent and fitness alone are not a guarantee of success, and managing careers is also about people, their individualities, and everything that happens outside the field.

In 2011, NG Soccer receives Edu Schimidt as partner-owner, back then to Brazil after a successful career on European soil. In 2019, the three friends from the youth academy would be reunited in the same project: Fábio Aurélio also brings his experience to NG Soccer’s partners and agents.

FIFA Football Agent licence – ID: 202309-3961

Our job

For more than a decade, NG Soccer has helped its athletes win the piches of Brazil and the world. More than that, we deliver a full range of services and individual attention that really make the difference in the life of the professional athlete.

NG Soccer does not exist to accumulate numbers in its customer portfolio, but to provide personalized services and build lasting partnerships. We offer legal, financial and press advisory services, as well as image and wealth management – besides, of course, to all support in generating opportunities, in the transfers between clubs and also in the analysis of employment contracts.

We guarantee excellence by surrounding ourselves with the best professionals, but we never forget that our work is about people and their dreams. The expertise of our partner-owners and agents – Neto Genovez, Fábio Aurélio and Edu Schimidt – and of all our collaborators and partners are at the service of the success, on and off the pitch, of the athletes who trust in the work of NG Soccer.

Nice to meet you, we are NG Soccer.


  • Career Planning
  • Analysis of employment contracts
  • Sponsorship fundraising
  • Legal advisory
  • Financial advisory
  • Press Advisory
  • Image management
  • Wealth management


Provide the best in career management for the athletes who trust NG Soccer, but, besides that, deliver what makes us different: human care and off-field relations – a partnership for life.


Make NG Soccer a benchmark in professional athlete career management and, setting the example, be part of the change we want to see in football.

  • We treat everyone with the same respect, ethics and humanity that we like to be treated;
  • We put at the service of our athletes and partners the experience, intelligence and strategic vision that brought us until here;
  • We keep humility, day after day, to continue learning;
  • We are sure that hard work and dedication compensate.